My name is Nasrin Golden, an Iranian visual artist working in Dublin since 2012. 
My work opens a dialogue about femininity and masculinity as being an immigrant female artist my sense of belonging is important to me. Though my work I look closely at division and the shifts that occur in every aspect of life in different places. I tell confrontational stories that connect/disconnect, value/devalue and provoke emotions.
The main focus of my work is on the discourse of duality (binary oppositions) which convey notions of otherness (Other/Self), identity and transformation (visible/invisible), and a sense of gender belonging to either female or male.  I take original photographs and apply other media to them. Therefore by altering their original state I create a sense of change, discourse, otherness and transformation.  
My work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions around the world including:  Dublin, Tehran, Kuala Lumpur, and Vancouver.

Solo Exhibition:

  • 2014, Presence, Part of New Voices of Ireland & PhotoIreland Festival 2014, CFCP (Centre for creative practices), Dublin
  • 2013, Silence in Shadows, Exchange Gallery, Dublin
  • 2009, Through Niayesh, Barg Gallery, Tehran
  • 2008, Shoes, Conceptual Art, Maan Honar-e No Gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibition:

  • 2015, Fool Me Twice, Mart, Dublin
  • 2015, Silk road, CHQ, Dublin
  • 2014, Silk road, CFCP (Center for creative practices), Dublin
  • 2011, Art Identity, University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
  • 2010, Media Art IX, University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
  • 2009, Close-Up, CPC 3rd Annual Photography Competition-Exhibition, Canada
  • 2005, Death, Sheiss Gallery, Tehran


  • 2013, MA in Visual Arts, Cultural Centre, University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dissertation titled “Expression of Cultural Identity in Mella Jaarsma’s Artwork”
  • 2008, BA in Photography, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Azad University of Tehran.
  • 2000, Second Degree Diploma in Graphic Design, Vocational College, Shariati University, Tehran.


  • 2018, Member in Communication Team, CPL, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2017, Member of Culture and Art, CPL, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2015-16, Research on Comparative Study of Binary Oppositions of Irish and Iranian Female Outfits in the Contemporary Era.
  • 2014, Interview on  Newstalk, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2013-14, Member of Art Committee, Bahar Organization, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2013, Production Assistant, Fishamble: The New Play Company, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2012, Lecture on International Artist Mella Jaarsma’s Artwork, Bendun Gallery, Semarang Indonesia
  • 2009, Member of Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)
  • 2002-06, Organiser and Editor in chief at Khorshid-raga institute of culture and arts, Tehran, Iran