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Women’s identity within patriarchal-based societies plays an important role in this show. While this type of social order may embrace women it does so specific to their roles as mothers for instance. In those societies that women are not accepted as who they are it is very vital for women to stand for their own right. First by accepting their own body and their femininity; not being shy about it.
Having a period in ancient times when science didn’t understand the reason for bleeding was both dangerous and terrifying. Still in some contemporary societies women are forbidden from performing daily tasks (cooking, washing themselves, communicate with others) and worshiping God.
These are some examples which women experienced during their menstruation:

  • Don’t mention the word “Period”
  • Ancient times: You are dangerous and scary.

Some Religious community: Do not enter the mosque, participate in religious ceremonies or pray. God will not accept you.
And currently in some countries: You are not complete. Do not judge.
Do not enter to the kitchen and cook, eat separately during your menstruation.
You are impure, dirty and smelly.
Why you are depressed, stressed and angry?
Do not take a shower, do not swim.
You have to learn to be silent about your pain.
You have to learn to be silent about your pain.
How dare you talk about it.

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