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My city project, Replication is a series of large scale Black & white photographs that highlight important elements that are part of the fabric of any modern metropolitan city, in this instance, Tehran. 
Today, the global phenomenon of urban growth is undeniable. Presently around 55% of the world’s population lives in an urban area or city, with that figure set to rise to 68% by 2050. (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2018).
In the article Urban growth patterns in Tehran City: Sustainability or unsustainability,  Kaviani notes that the “monitoring of spatiotemporal patterns of urban development in conditions of sustainability is of critical importance for urban planning and sustainable growth, particularly in the growing nations.” (Kaviani A., 2017).   
The move to urbanisation affects every major city, including both Tehran and Dublin. The growth of urbanisation places enormous pressure on the infrastructure of any city, from increased pressure on transport to creating enormous demand for new housing.   By replicating the images I emphasis on the importance of housing/cities and growth of immigration.
The project uses images from the past, the longed for. However, they are shaped by the experience of cultivating a new identity in the here and now,  mirroring and duplicating in an attempt to replicate the identity of the observed and create the new. Questioning the order of form in the world around us by surrounding our self with perceptions of our own identity. 
By empowering the observer to consider what it feels like to have their sense of self, home and identity profoundly shaken the project invites them, without the lived experience of processing one’s assimilation, to experience the unstable and unsettled perception of the displaced. 
The hypothesis being that the mechanism for shifting perception may be universal. Forms are transformed here, perspectives altered.

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